Howdy, pard!

Photo by Brian Christiansen

Photo by Brian Christiansen

Sturdy Pine Gear & Repair

Based in Salmon, ID, Sturdy Pine Gear & Repair was created by Sara Campbell to provide river rats with bomb proof gear and repair services. As a river guide, former USFS wilderness trail crew member, and life-long (mis)adventurer, Sara knows how important high quality gear is to a good time. In a world gone ultra lite, Sturdy Pine Gear & Repair offers simple, sturdy designs meant to last. FOREVER.

At Sturdy Pine we believe that good gear should be like a good pard: always close by when you're in a tight squeeze. We understand that you'd rather repair your trusty compadre than replace it, and we're committed to keeping your favorite gear kicking well into the future.

About Sara

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When I'm not sewing I enjoy canoeing, hotspringing, playing hockey, skiing, rollerblading, and hitting up thrift stores in the Rocky Mountain West.

Height: 1.727x10^9 nm

Spirit Animal: Sandhill crane & humpback whale


Doppelganger: Tina Fey/ Shania Twain/ Betty White